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Read this first!

Please fill this online form in so that we have the relevant information for you to be included on the website. Please provide your full name, business name, and address as you would like to be seen online.  Double check your information for spelling errors before sending.

Provide as much information as possible about your business and events and we will edit if necessary and confirm the content with you before uploading to the web.

If you have Facebook and Twitter pages – we would love to support you by liking and following you through our Facebook and twitter pages.

For Gold Members, tell us what you would like to say on the front page spotlight when you have that space available for your business. Please also tell us what time of the year you would prefer to book the front page spotlight and include a suitable image for a round frame.   This space will be shared as evenly as possible between all gold members – we estimate 2-4 weeks each. You can also send us this information a later date via email.

Front Page Spotlight

Images must be no bigger than 1MB.  File types that can be uploaded are jpg, jpeg, png.  Please contact Nicole on if you have any problems with file sizes or types or have more than 4 images to upload.

how to watermarkA note on image copyright:  Nothing is safe on the internet…that said… ideally you should be happy for people to copy your images from this site to their desktop or to share online as it is promoting your business!  For any photos that are not obviously about you (ie. a shopfront), it would be wise to watermark your images (subtly) so when your image goes viral (you hope) your name or contact details are also going with it.  It’s glorious free advertising.  This is another reason to also name your image files appropriately!

Your photos will be picked up by google when people search the internet.  If your file name is ‘IMG_001.jpg’  you have just wasted a golden opportunity.  If your filename name is ‘B&B accommodation Corryong your business name.jpg’ then you’re set to turn up on the first page of google!

how to name images for website seo

Fill in the online form here or download this page in pdf  HERE to fill in offline.  Alternatively you can email the necessary information to



Download the Web advertising form HERE 

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Fill in your details on our easy ONLINE form here: [contact-form-7 id=”417″ title=”Members Info Form”]


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