Projects: Corryong Streetscape

In 2016, MFSR Tourist Association negotiated with the Towong Shire regarding the beautification of the Corryong streetscape.

MFSR TA took on the dual project of rejuvenating the two roundabouts in Hanson St. These roundabouts are now planted out twice a year with colourful seasonal annuals such as petunias for summer and pansies for winter. The MFSR TA purchases these plants which are then planted out by volunteers. Towong Shire assists with the maintenance and watering of these.

At the same time, MFSR TA commissioned the construction of 4 large metal planter boxes. These are now located in the main shopping area of Hanson St. Two of these planter boxes were funded by MFSR TA, while funding for the others was received by Corryong Lions Club and Corryong Rotary Club.

The planter boxes are designed as "wicking beds". They are constructed so that they have a large water reservoir in the base and are then lined with a geofabric which allow the vapour to wick up through the soil layer to keep the plant roots moist for a long period of time. This has allowed the boxes to be relatively low maintenance as far as water requirements.

The planter boxes are planted with a range of hardy perennials topped up by some bright flowering annuals several times each year. Several community members give their time to watch over these and do regular maintenance to keep them looking their best. We are very grateful for the continued support of the community in this project.