Playles Hill Labyrinth

The Welcome Labyrinth at Playles Hill in Corryong is a project commissioned by the Playles Hill Project Group.

Corryong Labyrinth Playles Hill

Corryong Labyrinth Playles Hill

The group is very pleased to have been supported financially by a bushfire recovery grant from Border Trust for the construction of the labyrinth. This  labyrinth is part of a bigger project (initiated by the community Playles Hill Project Group) to upgrade Playles Hill Park.

Whilst you are visiting our Welcome Labyrinth, put aside some time to explore the rest of Playles Hill Park. Here there are walking tracks, great views over the Corryong Valley, Kat Brown's artwork 'A View Through the Valley", a mountain bike track, viewing platform and BBQ area.

The inclusion of a labyrinth at Playles Hill Park was suggested by the community after the Black Summer fires of 2019-2020 as a place of reflection and healing.

This ‘Welcome Labyrinth’ was designed by Mark Healy from Labyrinth Lane, Cygnet, Tasmania and constructed by Nigel Mouat from Khancoban, NSW, in June 2024.  The contemporary design consists of a 5 circuit walking path, as well as an accessible path to the central rock.

We believe that from the centre of our labyrinth you are looking out to one of the best views in the Upper Murray. A perfect time to visit is late in the afternoon as the shadows change and the sun slowly sinks below the hoizon.

This labyrinth is listed on the Australian Labyrinth Network that connects many labyrinths across Australia and the world. For further details of Australian labyrinths visit

The labyrinth of Chartres Cathedral in France was constructed in about 1200 AD. Chartres' labyrinth invites each person to seek silence and peace through meditation on the labyrinth.

Walk the circular path or use the accessible path to reach our special rock.

Pause, relax and reflect in these beautiful natural surroundings.

Walk with an open heart and a quiet mind.

Notice your natural pace.

Notice each step, each breath.

Be mindful.

Walk this reflective healing space solo, with a partner, family or community.

May you find joy, peace and healing on your journey